nei giorni bui...

... si può viaggiare in molti modi...

Lisa Hannigan...non sapevo chi fosse e poi, navigando, mi sono imbattuta in questo video...a dimostrazione che anche in rete è possibile che il sole ci accarezzi dolcemente proprio quando ne abbiamo bisogno.

Lille by Lisa Hannigan

He went to see for a day
He wanted to know what to say
when he asked what he'd done
in the past to someone
that he loved endlessly...
now she's gone, and so is he...

i went to war every morning
i lost my way, but now I'm following
what you said in my arms...
what i read in the charms
that i loved durably
now it's dead and gone, and i am free...

i went to sleep for the daytime
i shut my eyes to the sunshine
turned my head away from the noise
bruise and drip decay of childish toys
that i love arguably
all our labouring gone to seed

we went out to play for the evening
and wanted to hold on to the feeling
and the stretch in the sun
and the breathlessness as we run
to the beach endlessly
as the sun creeps up on the sea...

Per info: www.lisahannigan.ie
by Cat

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